About Us

About Us

We are lifelong German Shepherd dog lovers living in Huntsville, AL. We are passionate about sharing our very well bred Giant German Shepherd dogs and preserving the working line qualities and all their desirable traits. Our dogs are from the working GSD line, they have great ball drive, love to “find” things, alert when appropriate and have a desire to please. Our two dogs live in our home with us and are family dogs with great love for children and elderly and keep a watchful eye for any threats. We are continuing the strong breeding program of Brinda Redwine, creator of the Facebook group Giant German Shepherds.

Our dogs are AKC registered. They are genetically large, have straight backs, are larger than the AKC standard, and exhibit all the best qualities we love in the German Shepherd breed. King Simba and Queen Nala have been cleared by OFA for DM with N/N (puppies will be considered DM cleared by parentage by OFA Policy) and Basic Cardiac was Normal. Both have had Embark genetic testing with results as having no genetic variants for the 11 breed-relevant genetic conditions and 208 additional genetic conditions. Embark breeders counseling supported these two dogs being bred together. In addition, we took our dogs to a reproductive specialist for all pre-breeding relevant tests which also cleared them for breeding.

We are proud to announce King Simba’s OFA Hip Dysplasia screening was certified as EXCELLENT! OFA definition of Excellent is: superior conformation; there is a deep-seated ball (femoral head) that fits tightly into a well-formed socket (acetabulum) with minimal joint space. This rating requires 3 vets to agree upon the certification. His OFA Elbow Dysplasia screening was certified as Normal (best rating). Nala was not 2 years of age (minimum requirement) prior to pregnancy so her hips and elbows will be screened later in 2022. We have high confidence she will have great results as well.

We look forward to meeting you and finding wonderful forever homes for our very special pups. We expect to breed Nala 2-3 times so we encourage interested GSD lovers looking for a new pack member of this quality to contact us with your request soon. Please keep an eye out for our waitlist opportunity for a potential 2024 litter.

It is my profound pleasure to add my very positive review for Jarry and Annette Mandrell. They purchased their dogs ( Simba & Nala) from me as puppies. I am very particular who gets my dogs, and after getting to know the Mandrells, and listen to their long term plans, I was more than happy to let them have puppies. They wanted breeding rights, and again, very few get breeding rights from me, but they are over the top on the details and genetics and maintaining the integrity of my Straight back Giant German Shepherd lines that I have preserved for over 60 years.

Im pretty sure that SIMBA is the only German Shepherd Breeding sire with an OFA hip and elbow rating of EXCELLENT. Ask them aboiut all of the DNA testing they have done on these dogs to rule out any genetic markers for all deseases.....who else does that? They want to make sure that your puppy is perfectly healthy and will stay that way.

I have semi-retired, but I know that my dogs heritage is in sound hands with breeders, such as the Mandrells, who have far beyond my expectations and requirements as breeders.

I can assure you ,that you can look worldwide, and will not find another breeder that has gone to such lengths to make sure these dogs are perfectly sound, genetically and physically before breeding. Their ethics and love for these animals is beyond comparison...except for me of course .

You will never regret getting a puppy from them.

HIGH FIVE MANDRELLS !! You make me proud

Brinda Redwine - Founder of Giant German Shepherds / The true, original straight back German Shepherd Dog.

Mandrell's go to great lengths to provide you sound, healthy puppies!