14 Days Old

Puppies just turned 14 days old! Hard to believe they will be leaving us in just 6 weeks. It is absolutely amazing how much they have grown in the past 2 weeks. Check out these numbers!

  • Red Collar Female – 283%
  • Orange Collar Female – 257%
  • Yellow Collar Male – 200%
  • Pink Collar Male – 170%
  • Lilac Collar Female – 170%
  • Aqua Collar Female – 180%
  • Green Collar Male – 180%

Take a look in the puppy pictures to see the growth in ounces graph.

At 2 weeks old, all pups have their eyes open and they are very mobile. They have learned if they howl (too cute!), their mommy will come and check in on them and usually provide a meal. Nala is now hanging out more in her crate (just a few feet away from the whelping box) or with us on the couch or bed. Her ears are always tuned into the sounds of her pups. When we are in the bedroom, we have the nanny cam on so she can hear them, even though she is on the other side of the house. She always runs to their call when it raises above a little whine.

Turning 2 weeks old was a big day. All pups were weighed, went through their photo shoots and received their first de-worming medicine. The de-wormer must taste good as they all were happy to take it and suck on the syringe for more.

Personalities are already developing. The red collar female was the first born, was the smallest in the litter and has beautiful dark coloring. She may be smaller than the rest but she is feisty and always makes her way to the “dinner table”. She is very active – this morning she made it to the outside of the whelping box which means she crawled over the 6” section and safety pipe to get out. She stayed near the box. Thanks to her, there is now another 6” section at the door so hopefully she won’t be crawling over the 1 foot door for a bit. The whelping box door has four 6” sections to build up as needed while still making it easy for Nala to get in and out.

Orange collar female was second born at just under 1 pound. Her coloring is beautiful. She is very sweet and loves to snuggle. She is not shy to let everyone know when she is hungry and makes the cutest contentment sounds while nursing.

The Lilac and Aqua collar females are so much fun! They are big and very vocal. Both get around the whelping box in lightning speed and usually the first to arrive for a meal. Both have mastered the cutest howl when they want Nala to come near. We will try to catch them on video and share these moments that just make you smile.

Boys will be boys! All of the boys have mastered the pushing and shoving of all others to make sure they do not miss a meal. They get around the box quickly and also have mastered the howling. All of them are very loving.

Updated pictures have been posted for each pup so please go check them out! If you are interested in any of the females, please go to our Contact page and send us your information.

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