Nala's Pregnancy and Puppies

One week before whelping day! We took Nala to the Vet for X-rays to get an idea of the puppy count. This is her first litter and our's with her, so we thought it best to at least get an estimate so we have an idea when they are all out. Nala's mother has had litters as large as 12-14. YIKES! We would rather see a smaller count especially since she is a first time mom. Her mate Simba was checked prior to breeding so we know his sample was "impressive" and if she had eggs, he would find them! We are ready when she is. Her whelping box and all potential supplies needed for both emergency and healthy pups are on hand. Emergency phone numbers are posted. Now we wait...

We got our website up and running and this is our first blog. It is our intention to document through photos and videos the whelping and raising of the pups. Of course this is not just all about Nala. We will be sharing our experiences with Simba as well.

The photo of the x-ray is from yesterday and the picture is from today. Check out Nala's page for other x-ray views and more pictures.

Check back soon for an update!

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